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Villaturiel :: Ver tema - The captains for the 2018 season are:LT Andrew WhitworthQB

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Me encanta el sitio

Registrado: Feb 18, 2019
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Los Angeles Rams name Hekker , Gurley, Talib, Goff, Brockers Youth Jared Goff Jersey , Whitworth as captains With tonight being the official kickoff of the 2018 NFL season, the Los Angeles Rams have geared up appropriately for the season by naming their six captains.Jared GoffRB Todd GurleyDT Michael BrockersCB Aqib TalibP Johnny HekkerNow, obviously there is quite a big name missing from the list in DT Aaron Donald. The reason for that is unknown, though we can probably assume the holdout likely has something to do with that. The trio of Hekker , Gurley, and Whitworth are returning captains as they held the honor in 2017 as well. The duo of Goff and Brockers are no surprise, as Goff is a natural leader at the quarterback position and Brockers has been a part of the Rams organization for many years. The most interesting selection is Talib who hasn’t even played a game as a Ram yet, though that isn’t exactly a “must-have qualification” as Whitworth was a captain last season too.The Rams are a team with potential to do major damage in 2018. Their captains will be instrumental into making that dream a reality.Could Cincinnati Bengals DT Geno Atkins’ new deal affect the Los Angeles Rams’ negotiations with DL Aaron Donald? DT Geno Atkins has re-signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on a four-year deal for $65.3 over the course of the deal.Perhaps most interesting is the breakdown:What’s relevant here for Los Angeles Rams fans White Aqib Talib Jersey , obviously, is the ongoing contractual negotiations with DL Aaron Donald. What’s different is two-fold. For one, this is Atkins’ second contract extension while Donald is negotiating his first. Secondly, Atkins turned 30-years old in March; two months later Youth Tyler Higbee Jersey , Donald turned 27.So it’s not going to be in line with what will be required to keep Donald, but it is worth looking at. One thing of note is how frontloaded it is. The contract is at about $19m per year in the first two years and just less than $14m for the final two years. That makes sense given Atkins’ age, but (a) Donald might not be as interested in a frontloaded deal as long as it isn’t easy for the Rams to get out of it after the first three years and (b) recent deals to RB Todd Gurley and WR Brandin Cook suggest the Rams’ modus operandi might not be as rigid.Still, it’s the second major deal in two days after the New York Giants inked WR Odell Beckham Youth Samson Ebukam Jersey , Jr., to a major contract extension leaving Rams fans to wonder when we’ll get to celebrate a contract extension for a superstar of our own...
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