El salón de té: Mike Gesicki has the potential to become a superstar tight
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El salón de té: Mike Gesicki has the potential to become a superstar tight: Foros

Villaturiel :: Ver tema - Mike Gesicki has the potential to become a superstar tight

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MensajePublicado: Vie Mar 22, 2019 2:59 am Responder citando Volver arriba

The Dolphins have had one of the more intriguing offseason of 2018. From the return of quarterback Ryan Tannehill to the acquisitions of receivers Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola White Kenyan Drake Jersey , guard Josh Sitton, running back Kenyan Drake playing his first full season as a starter and the drafting of safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, this is a more talented all around team than the 2017 incarnation.One young player that has the ingredients to become a star at his position is second round draft pick Mike Gesicki. At Penn State, Gesicki caught 129 passes—a school record for tight ends—for 1,481 yards and 15 touchdowns. He’s 6’6 and 245 lb., giving him a massive frame to work with. And where similar prospects fail because of a lack of consistency at the catch point, Gesicki was a monster pass catcher at college.He should have little trouble translating his game to the professional level.Odell Gesickidraftbreakdown.comGesicki and fellow rookie Dallas Geodert were my two favorite tight ends of this draft class because of their ball skills. Similar to guys like Jordan Reed, David Njoku, and Hunter Henry, Gesicki possesses outrageous hands for a tight end.Here, quarterback Trace McSorley fires to a wide open Gesicki on the run. The pass is wide http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-kiko-alonso-jersey , but it allows the tight end to show off his catch radius. He crouches down slightly, extends his right arm, snags the ball, and uses his left hand to pull it in for a spectacular touchdown grab.Start this man immediatelydraftbreakdown.comWhenever a new tight end breaks out, you’ll often hear from commentators (most likely Cris Collinsworth) on how they have a basketball background because of their ability to box out defenders like a center would inside the paint. Gesicki defies those cliched boundaries by not only having a basketball background, but a volleyball background as well.With these two backgrounds, Gesicki is able to both box out defenders and high point the ball with a spectacular vertical leap.This play is spectacular. To start, Penn State runs a switch concept (You can’t really tell though because the outside receiver trips as he tries to break inside), with Gesicki breaking outside. The tight end uses a three-step jab to position himself outside, then uses a “swimming” technique to move his hand above and away from the defensive back’s counter hand, allowing him to get outside leverage.The quarterback lofts this pass up in the air for Gesicki to go and get. Gesicki’s ability to control his body in the air is special and allows him to float and locate the sidelines. Here Youth Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey , he manages to get one foot in on a tight catch. Now obviously the NFL rule is you must get two feet in bounds, so Gesicki will need to work on that, but he’s an outstanding possession receiver that has little trouble creating leverage against man coverage.Mike Gurleygamepass.nfl.comFinally, Gesicki is a freakish athlete. While I think Dallas Goedert has the slight edge in athletic ability, Gesicki is certainly no slouch in this department.How a 6’6, 245 lb. grown man (implying that there are kids just like this) is able to hurdle defenders like Todd Gurley or Ezekiel Elliot is crazy. You’d expect guys with Gesicki’s size to be statues that get little yards after the catch (think Jason Witten at the tail end of his career), but this tight end has both style and athletic ability.To conclude, Mike Gesicki has the potential to become something special. He’s a great route runner, has excellent body control and timing in the air, possesses great ball security, is a trustworthy option on contested catches White Bobby McCain Jersey , and has outrageous ball skills to boot. Tight ends generally take a long time to develop in the NFL, so who knows what Gesicki’s level of impact will be in his rookie season.But if it’s of any indication, the Dolphins have a potential stud at tight end with a high ceiling.Miami Dolphins must regroup, find way to win against Cincinnati Bengals After, a 38-7 debacle up in Foxboro against the New England Patriots, it is unbelievable that the Miami Dolphins had nothing going right for them. The offense wasn’t moving the football at all. It was a combination of the play calling and the offense not executing. The first offensive play resulted in a first down as Ryan Tannehill connected with wide receiver Kenny Stills for 22 yards and a first down. On the next play center Daniel Kilgore was flagged for a holding call that resulted in a ten yard penalty. Then a head scratcher as, instead of throwing the football on 2nd and long, they decided to run. The call was a handoff to running backKenyan Drake, which resulted in a five-yard gain. On 3rd and 12, Tannehill threw to Albert Wilson for 5 yards, resulting in a Dolphins punt.It’s possible that had the Dolphins been aggressive White Vincent Taylor Jersey , the first offensive drive could have been saved. It’s mind blowing that against the Oakland Raiders, the Dolphins used trick plays that resulted in scores, yet against the Patriots none were used. As I continue dissecting this debacle of a performance by the Dolphins, I continue wondering why the offense was so predictable and it was the perfect recipe for a disastrous performance.I’m preaching to head coach Adam Gase to stop with bubble screens. It’s time that you open up the playbook and used your offensive weapons at full capacity. Why is Mike Gesicki not involved in the offense? The organization selected Gesicki in the second round of the NFL draft. Let’s take a look at his numbers... Shall we?. Gesicki has 5 receptions for 51 yards and no touchdowns. It’s time that Gase gets him heavily involved and let’s not forget about running back Kenyan Drake. He needs to be more involved in the offense, last week Drake had 3 carries for 3 yards and that’s unacceptable.The time is now Gase, it’s time to go all in on Sunday against the Bengals and make sure you do anything possible to bring back the W. Do not let go of this opportunity. The opportunity is right in front of you. This team has offensive weapons and must be used in a proper way. It’s time for the Dolphins to regroup and bring back home the victory.Miami Dolphins (3-1) vs Cincinnati Bengals 3-1 on Sunday kickoff set at 1 pm.Follow me at asimancas305 for Dolphins updates, injury report, breaking news, and much more.
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