El salón de té: The Seattle Mariners are bolstering their bullpen heading in
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El salón de té: The Seattle Mariners are bolstering their bullpen heading in: Foros

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On Monday Wilmer Flores Jersey , the Mariners announced they acquired relief pitcher Zach Duke from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for minor league pitcher Chase De Jong and minor league infielder Ryan Costello.The veteran Duke has played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Arizona Diamondbacks, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox and Twins throughout his career. While he began his career as a starting pitcher, he has transitioned into the bullpen.In 45 appearances this season for the Twins http://www.metsfanproshop.com/authentic-neil-walker-jersey , he sports a solid 3.62 ERA and 1.58 WHIP with 39 strikeouts.He comes to a Mariners team that is four games behind the Houston Astros in the American League West and two games ahead of the Oakland Athletics for the second wild-card position. However, the bullpen is a middling 14th in the league in ERA, perESPN.com, and could use reinforcements if they are going to catch the defending champions.As for the 48-56 Twins, they don appear to be headed anywhere this season and can accelerate their rebuild with multiple minor leaguers in the return package. De Jong was ranked as the No. 28 prospect in the Mariners system this season byMLB.com. Dustin Bradford/Getty ImagesIn the latest episode of "As the Bryce Harper Turns," Jon Heyman of Fancred reported that three teams he Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox and Washington Nationals ere currently interested in signing the superstar this offseason.However, Heyman added that "word is Adrian Gonzalez Jersey , several teams are said to be waiting in the wings. The word 'waiting' suggests this may yet take awhile."This report is the sort of information that will make Harper's camp and his agent, ScottBoras, smile (ifBorashimselfisn'tthe source of this info). While the market has seemingly been cool for Harper and fellow superstar MannyMachado, having several of the proverbial "mystery teams" waiting in the wings would increase his leverage in negotiations with teams like the Phillies, White Sox or Nationals.As ESPN's BusterOlneytweeted eight years ago:Buster Olney Buster_ESPNRemember: if you ever read about a mystery team, it can only come spoon-fed from an agent who is trying to create leverage.The suggestion that the process could take awhile has been reported elsewhere as well. On Tuesday,MattGelbof The Athletic wrote that "multiple sources have toldThe Athleticthat the Phillies have gained confidence they will land one of the available superstars," though he added any signing might not take place until February.Jayson Stark jaysonstWhat Matt Jose Bautista Jersey , Ken and I have heard consistently this week is that the Harper/Machado derby could drift into February.Heres MattGelb with the most comprehensive look yet at where they both stand with the #Phillies 80EaCy55BRThe Phillies appear to be thefront-runners, withBobNightengaleofUSA Todayreporting Sunday they were the "clear-cut favorite" after meeting with Harper for several hours.Nightengalealso reported the Phillies were set to make the largest offer on the market to eitherMachadoor Harper, depending on which superstar they prioritized.Bob Nightengale BNightengaleThe #Phillies, according to team executives, have visions of signing Harper,Keuchel and Kimbrel.Bob Nightengale BNightengaleThe #Phillies will have Bryce Harper or Manny Machado or possibly both in uniform on opening dayAsGelbnoted, that willingness to spend big bucks will keep the Phillies in the running for both players. But the Phillies can also leverage their interest in both players against one another so long as both remain on the market, though that particular leverage disappears the moment eitherMachadoor Harper signs elsewhere.For teams like the Phillies http://www.metsfanproshop.com/authentic-amed-rosario-jersey , the hope is that the Harper market remains surprisingly cool, keeping his leverage limited and driving his price down. For Harper, the hope is that additional teams indeed enter the fray, making the market more robust and driving up his price.So it appears, for both sides, the waiting game marches on.
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