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Me encanta el sitio

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The playoffs roll along with excitement , danger and dread, and the Detroit Lions are at home sipping on a juice box. We’re going to talk about the latter though, because hope springs eternal in January; just as soon as we clear away the snow.Thankfully, there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to Lions. There’s needs for an offensive coordinator, a top 10 draft pick and the commitment to a quarterback who really didn’t have a great 2018 campaign. The PODcast seeks to hit every mark there.Download and subscribe to the PODcast on your favorite platforms! Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts| Spotify | Stitcher | ART19This week on the PODcastBlatant cross-promotional gibberish about how you should follow our new Twitch channel.Bob Quinn talks to the press, and Jeremy was there. We discuss the revelations from his first visit since April.Quinn commits to Matthew Stafford Eli Harold Jersey White , with strength. What that means for the team.The hunt for the offensive coordinator rolls on! More talk about what the Lions might be looking for.Do we like that Matt Patricia has more say on hiring the OC than Bob Quinn? Who are you more likely to trust right now?Sam Dodge joins the show from Maize n Brew, filling us in on the best names Michigan has to offer this year; David Long, Rashan Gary, Karan Higdon and more. Also, gives us the lowdown on Wolverine basketball for those seeking to parachute in.In the mailbag, we discover who is Frank from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” A discussion about cussing at Lions games and Mitch Albom , the best tight end free agents available and much more about the Detroit Lions. Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was named to his eighth Pro Bowl on Tuesday, putting him in some very elite company.Peterson is 28 years, 5 months old, the same age Barry Sanders was when he was named to his eighth Pro Bowl. The two of them are the two youngest players ever to be named to eight Pro Bowls.Jim Brown, who was 28 years, 10 months old when named to his eighth Pro Bowl Womens Nick Bellore Jersey , is the only other player to be named to eight Pro Bowl teams before turning 29. Peterson, Sanders and Brown were already the only players to get to seven Pro Bowls before turning 28, and the three of them plus Emmitt Smith were the only players to get to six Pro Bowls before turning 27.Although it’s been a down year for the Cardinals, one that had Peterson acknowledging he considered seeking a trade. But Peterson has more recently said he wants to be part of a rebuilding effort in Arizona. Perhaps one that sees him get to the next three Pro Bowls, which would make him the first player ever to reach 11 Pro Bowls by age 31.
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